Johnston & Jeff Budgerigar Tonic Type 22 - 12.75kg

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This Budgerigar Tonic Type 22 is a protein pick-me-up for Budgerigars. Compound feedstuff to be fed as part of the diet and should not exceed 15% for pet birds but can be increased to 25% in breeding or aviary birds as required.


A high proportion of Jap Millet is included in Budgerigar Type 22 because this is the best variety when chicks are in the nest and contains the right proteins for fledglings. Can also be fed to bring birds into breeding condition and at times of stress  -moult particularly. Pet birds would benefit by being fed this mixture every other day in a separate feeding pot or finger drawer but the container should be taken out in the evening - don't feed ad lib.


Ingredients: Jap Millet, Panicum, Red Millet, Hemp seed, Niger seed, Naked Oats, Aniseed Oil