Fishing pellets are miniature balls or short sticks made by mixing ingredients, baking them, and finally cutting them into the desired shape. Fish pellet ingredients usually include a mix of components like fish meal, vegetable matter, and milk proteins and a binding agent such as wheat.

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Tuna & Garlic Pellets

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Strawberry Nutcracker Pellets

The Strawberry Nutcracker Carp Pellets are ideal for all you anglers out there, and they are packed with nutrients and protein that the Carp love. We have both the 2mm and 6mm size options and they are available in 1KG and 5KG bags. So for any of you looking for the best Carp Pellets in […]

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Red Spicy Fish Pellets

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Nutcracker Carp Pellets

The Nutcracker Carp Pellets are ideal for all you anglers out there. In fact we think they're one of the best pellets for carp fishing bar none. They are packed with nutrients and protein that the Carp love.

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Boilie Chops (Shelf life) 10kg

Boilie Chops are products that have been deemed not fit for retail, bait sizes, colours, flavours and shapes may vary.

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Carp Pellets

Fish farmers originally gave pellets to fish to cause weight gain before selling them to market. But nowadays, this protein-packed fish food is also popular with fishermen, as pellets are a bait type that appeals to many fish species, including carp, bream, catfish, tench, and barbell.

Pellet Production

Pellets are made by mixing the ingredients and then pushing the blend down small tubes to form a pencil-like shape. Vapour heating is used to harden the mix. Once hard, the product is cut into the desired length.

Pellets as Ground Bait

Pellets are basically concentrated ground bait. In water, pellets disintegrate quickly to form a fine layer of pulp on the lakebed.

The size of the pellet will determine how fast it breaks down. Minuscule 1mm pellets will break down in a matter of minutes, while hard 21mm pellets may need a few weeks to break down completely.

As the pellets dissolve, the undertow in the lake will convey the smell of the dissolving feed throughout the water, attracting fish to find the source of the scent and eventually influencing them to eat the bait or swim through the dissolving pellets searching for something more substantial.

Which Pellet?

We sell a choice of pellets in various flavours in 2mm and 6mm sizes.

The 2mm micro pellets break down too quickly to hook, and as such, are best used to quickly form a strongly scented layer of mushy attractant matter to draw fish to your hookbait. Pellets from 4mm upwards can be hooked and are also excellent as loose feed.