Additives are a reasonably recent addition to the toolbox of savvy anglers, and they come in a variety of tasty flavours, which you can add to bait to make it more appealing.  


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Tuna & Garlic Flavouring 500ml

The Tuna & Garlic flavouring has a very unique smell to it and is a blend of some of the most successful carp fishing flavours of all time. The neat flavour has a number of uses with the Urban Tuna & Garlic range. Firstly it is used in the Tuna & Garlic boilies them-self when […]

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Salmon Oil 500ml

The Urban bait Salmon Oil has been specially sourced from only the finest supplier, used to add attraction in the swim and help preserve the fresh bait on the bank. The recommended amount to use is around 20 ml to 1 kilo of bait, when using in a base mix any amount up to 5ml per […]

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Red Spicy Fish Glug 500ml

The glugs we use at Urban baits are a blend of oil and attractors. Their main aim is to make the bait more attractive to the fish by sending out food signals. Where over the years many anglers have been heading across the continent to fish for their quarry there has been a tendency to […]

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Red Spicy Fish Flavouring 500ml

The Red Spicy Fish flavouring has a very unique smell to it and is a blend of some of the most successful carp fishing flavours of all time. The neat flavour has a number of uses with the Urban Red Spicy Fish range. Firstly it is used in the Red Spicy Fish boilies them-self when […]

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Nutcracker Glug 500ml

The Urban Bait Nutcracker carp glug is ideal for any number of boilie dip and carp glug recipes.

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Nut Juice

The new Nut Juice from Urban Bait is one of the best Boilie liquid flavours on the market. It's a pure Tiger Nut extract which gives it a sweet taste and a sticky consistency.

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Neat Nutcracker Flavouring

The Nutcracker flavouring is one of the most effective boilie flavours on the market. It has a very unique smell to it and is a blend of some of the most successful carp fishing flavours of all time.

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Liver Cracker Powder 100g approx

The Urban Bait Liver Cracker powder is the Liver powder carp absolutely love! It's a fresh Liver based enhancer made from the finest ingredients.

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Liquid Liver Extract 500ml

Liquid Liver extract is an excellent liquid bait additive that you can use on all types of Carp baits. I first started using Liquid Liver extract in the late 1980's. Back then we would soak our fish-meal baits in it to give a distinct meaty smell and taste.

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Hemp Oil

This carp bait hemp oil is derived from arguably the finest angling baits of all time. It is recognised as the primary attractor within hemp seed itself. It has a remarkably nutty taste and scent that is simply divine. In addition is has a nutritional profile that is up there with the very best hemp […]

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Fish Protein Enzyme

Fish protein enzyme is a fish extract that the carp love. It has a rich, dark and extremely potent smell to it making it irresistible to a passing carp. The thick fish liquid can be used in a number of ways, including dipping hook-baits or soaking in with freebies. The main reason we at Urban […]

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Artificial Additives

Synthetic additives made to reproduce the taste of foods like strawberries and bananas are used in some additives. However, these are highly potent, so you must be careful with dosing as if you use too much, they may have the opposite of the desired effect, and the pungent smell could repel the fish.

It is best to take extra care if adding artificial flavours to ground bait and dilute the additive to spread the flavour evenly throughout the feed.

Natural additives

If you prefer natural, you’ll find a good selection of natural additives available, made with actual food infusions produced by processing fruit, fish, nuts, and other foodstuffs.

You can add natural additives to ground bait or drizzle it onto boilies, corn, or pellets. The liquid quickly soaks into the bait and releases plenty of attraction into the water to entice fish. Natural additives are not as intense as artificial flavourings, but it is still best to stick to the suggested dosage.

Many natural additives include high amounts of amino acids. These send a signal to a fish that edible supplies are present. Natural extracts are exceptional carp attractors.

Oil additives

Oil additives are sold in two types. The type you pick depends on how you intend to use it. You can buy a regular oil additive made from natural products such as seeds, nuts, fish, in the form of hemp oil, nutcracker oil. or salmon oil, for example. These contain substantial amounts of fatty acids and proteins. These oily flavourings are perfect for adding to ground baits. You can also inject them into dead baits or use them with a method mix, a dense, syrupy mix made of pellets, fishmeal, and maize or hemp mashed together.

The other type of oily additive is essential oils. These are very concentrated tinctures made with herbs and spices. These are most suitable for adding to homemade boilies or pastes, and due to their high concentration, should only be used drop by drop.